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Fun arcade Lucky Jet appeared not so long ago, but it is already played by many users of online casino 1WIN. Of course, most often gamers come here not just to have fun, but also to earn. And the game gives such an opportunity. With its help, you can increase the deposit from x2 to x200 + in a short period of time. The main thing is to know how to play Lucky Jet correctly, not to drain the budget, but to multiply the capital. Read to the end to learn about all the chips of this arcade. We will tell you not only how to play, but also how to win in Lucky Jet.

Game interface

The toy has a visually pleasing design. It is made in the space theme. The main character of this arcade is a guy Joe on a jetpack. With the beginning of the round he takes off into space. In parallel with his flight grows in Lucky Jet iks.

The player has to follow the flight of the astronaut and stop the round in time, before our hero flies off the screen. Those who have not yet fully understood how to play Lucky Jet, often make a common mistake. They wait too long for the right odds. This leads to the fact that the guy disappears from the screen, and with him our bet. Therefore, much depends on the reaction of the user.

There are also useful features available to the gamer:

  • Statistics section - contains winnings of other players by amount and cashout multiplier, top rounds can also be found there;
  • section "my bets" - contains information about bets made and withdrawals during the games.

How to Play Lucky Jet - Game Rules

Best game

This arcade game has simple mechanics and is similar to another famous game in online casinos - Aviator. Its gameplay scheme is intuitive and easy for beginners to understand.

Here are the general principles of how to play Lucky Jet:

  1. Players place their bets. It is possible to bet on one or two amounts simultaneously. The bets do not have to be placed at the same time. For example, you can place bets on the medium and high multipliers.
  2. The astronaut takes off and the multiplier increases. At this stage, the player has only a few seconds or less to make a decision to stop. Those who want to understand how to play Lucky Jet should understand that the bet is lost if you act too slowly.
  3. Stop the round when the desired multiplier is reached. This can be done manually or through the "Auto Cashout" feature. When activated, the game automatically cashes out the winnings.

There are two possible outcomes for each round:

  • If you managed to click "Stop," the winning amount will be credited to your balance.
  • If you DID NOT manage to stop the round, the bet is lost.

Winnings are determined by multiplying your bet by the multiplier.

It is worth noting that this crash game operates on the basis of a random number generator. This means that the algorithm generates a multiplier at which the round ends. You cannot know in advance what multiplier the game will assign. Therefore, you have to rely on luck and determine your strategy before playing Lucky Jet.

Lucky Jet Instructions

So, how to play Lucky Jet?

  1. Step 1: Registration. Before playing Lucky Jet, you need to register and create a personal account. Subsequently, you can access the game after logging in. To register, you need to fill out a form, providing your phone number, email address, or social media page.
  2. Step 2: Account Funding. Before playing Lucky Jet, you need to deposit funds into your account. The game has a section for managing your bankroll. You need to enter the desired amount and choose a deposit method. The funds will be instantly credited to your balance.
  3. Step 3: Gameplay. Determine your bet amount, place your bets, and send the astronaut into flight. If luck is on your side, congratulations! You will receive your earnings in your balance. Later, you can withdraw them to a bank card, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency. It is advisable to use the same method for withdrawal as the one used for deposit.

How to Start Playing Lucky Jet as a Beginner

For new users, it is recommended to try the demo mode before playing with real cash. It allows you to learn how to play Lucky Jet and try out different strategies. The demo version does not require any obligations or financial losses. It helps you understand how to play Lucky Jet as a beginner. Once the trial deposit is completed, you can proceed with real gameplay.

How to Play Lucky Jet Correctly and Safely

Crash games can be addictive, and it's easy to get carried away and lose. There are a few rules that will protect your bankroll from being drained. Familiarize yourself with them before playing Lucky Jet:

Firstly, make small bets. It is advisable to set an acceptable percentage of your total bankroll for each bet in advance. Ideally, it should not exceed 2-3% of your bankroll. Beginners can start with 0.5-1%.

Secondly, set limits before playing Lucky Jet. If you have lost your entire amount and reached your limit, it's time to stop. It is recommended to set limits for each gaming session.

By playing cautiously, you can have a great time and protect yourself from negative experiences in case of potential losses.

Personal Data Security

There are many scammers online who deceive users and leak their personal information. Therefore, it is important to choose a reputable bookmaker.

The Lucky Jet game is available at the virtual casino 1WIN. This establishment has a good reputation and takes care of protecting customers' personal data.

To ensure security:

  • The bookmaker uses reliable encryption technologies based on cryptographic protocols.
  • A personal identity verification system is implemented to prevent money laundering. In case of significant winnings, the casino may request passport details.
  • Access control measures are in place. Players' accounts are protected with complex and secure passwords.

How to Win in the Lucky Jet Game

There are several useful tips for those who want to learn how to win money in Lucky Jet:

Firstly, use a strategy. Do not make impulsive bets. Users have tried various strategies in this arcade game. Choose one that suits you, whether it's the famous Martingale strategy, "Downward Ladder," or other variants.

Secondly, those who are looking for an answer on how to win in the Lucky Jet game can use Signals. Hackers have figured out the game algorithms and created a special application. Through the bot Predictor, you can receive forecasts for the most favorable betting times. They will help you predict the outcome of the round.

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