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Lucky Jet is arguably one of the most popular games at 1WIN Casino today. Some people see it as simple entertainment, while others deliberately play with the goal of making money.

Is Lucky Jet a money-making strategy or a scam?

As practice shows, the majority of users in this game make random and unsystematic bets, which ultimately lead to losses. Afterward, these gamers spread rumors that Lucky Jet is a scam. However, there are also those who earn decent money with the help of the game.

What is the secret to success, and can you really win in Lucky Jet?

Experienced users know that easy money can be made from bookmakers. You place your bet and end up with a win. The difference comes when you seek predictable results and guaranteed winnings. In this case, it all depends on the strategy you use. If you choose the right strategy in Lucky Jet, you can earn good money.


Lucky Jet: an earning scheme for beginners

Almost all gaming tactics teach users to forget about chaos and make only meaningful and precise actions. Once you realize this, you can achieve excellent results over the long term.

Lucky Jet is a straightforward game suitable even for those who have little experience in online casinos. A little life hack: In Lucky Jet, there is an opportunity to try the risk-free demo version. Its features and interface fully coincide with the actual game. The demo version allows you not only to better understand the rules but also to test how the strategy works in Lucky Jet to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Strategies based on risk level

The strategies for playing casino games can be divided into several categories based on the level of risk:

  1. Strategies with a low level of risk: In this case, the player places small bets and collects winnings with odds of x1.2 to x1.21. Low-risk methods are suitable for beginners who are not ready to part with a large amount of money. Considering that the multiplier of x1.2 to x1.21 occurs in over 80% of the games, the chances of success are high.
  2. Strategies with a medium level of risk: In this case, the user still places small bets but increases the odds to x2 to x3. It's worth noting that such multipliers are not rare either. Approximately 40-60% of the games have similar odds, which allows the gamer to earn money.
  3. Strategies with a high level of risk: Bets are made on high odds (around x200). The maximum multipliers occasionally appear in this game, but the timing needs to be right. High-risk Lucky Jet strategy is the most lucrative. With the help of this strategy, lucky players can increase their bankroll from 20 cents to $20 or more.

Lucky Jet tactic with two bets

The game rules allow for placing two bets in each round. Those who do so double their chances of success!

There are nuances here. On the one hand, it's difficult to keep track of two amounts at once. On the other hand, you can turn the game rules in your favor and increase your cash.

What makes the Lucky Jet strategy with two bets good? It allows you to avoid significant losses and win more frequently. To use it, you need to activate the automatic functions of the slot game, such as auto-bet and auto-cashout.

Here's how it works:

  • Place two bets, one with the maximum amount and one with the minimum amount.
  • Personally monitor the minimum bet and manually cash out at odds of x3, x10, or even x100 (you choose the risk you're willing to take—the higher the coefficient, the higher the chances that the bet will fail).
  • For the maximum bet, choose the auto-cashout function when reaching odds of x1.2 to x1.3.

In the end:

  1. Usually, the bet with the automatic cashout wins, and you lose the minimum amount (Joe explodes before reaching high multipliers). The winnings from the maximum bet outweigh the losses.
  2. If you successfully play both bets, congratulations! The Lucky Jet strategy with two bets has paid off, and you have significantly enriched your bankroll.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is considered one of the most popular strategies in gambling. It has its pros and cons. But overall, it is a universal strategy for both Lucky Jet and other gambling games where you can increase your bet.

The strategy is based on the principle of equal chances: after any number of losses, a win will eventually occur.

Here's how it works:

This Lucky Jet scheme works as follows: you place your first bet. If it doesn't win, you place a new bet of the same size but multiplied by two. And so on, until you win.

For example:

  • First bet: 10 cents
  • Loss: Bet 20 cents
  • Loss: Bet 40 cents
  • Loss: Bet 80 cents
  • Loss: Bet $1.6
  • Loss: Bet $3.2
  • WIN! Collect your winnings!

In the end:

Let's assume the last bet won with an odds multiplier of x3. In that case, you would receive 3.2 × 3 = $9.6 in your gaming bank. Taking into account the bets that didn't win, you still end up in profit!


  1. This Martingale strategy only works if the player has a large bankroll. If you have limited funds, it's better to avoid using the Martingale strategy since you may not accumulate the necessary amount to cover the previous losing bets.
  2. You should play with odds of x2 or higher to ensure that your winnings cover all the money lost.

The "Bet x100+" Lucky Jet Strategy

Стратегии Лаки Джет

This gaming strategy appeared recently but has already shown high effectiveness in practice.

Here's how it works:

The 2023 Lucky Jet strategy is based on attempting to catch a x100 multiplier using data from previous rounds:

  • Go to the game history.
  • Look for the last time the coefficient reached the desired number.
  • Count 60 minutes (1 hour) from that time.
  • Start playing after an hour.

You can place a couple of bets, closing the first one when you reach an x30 to x40 multiplier, and the second one when the value reaches x100.

In the end:

Players who manage to catch the x100 multiplier can significantly enrich themselves.

The "Downward Staircase" Strategy

Another interesting Lucky Jet strategy that appeals to gamers with a limited bankroll. If you can allocate an amount up to $50 for your bankroll, this tactic is suitable for you.

Here's how it works:

You increase the amount while reducing the coefficient.

Например: ставите 300 рублей на множитель x2. Значит, дальнейшая ставка будет в 2 раза больше – 1000 рублей. Ловите подходящий коэффициент, помня о том, что он должен быть меньше двойки. Множитель х1.8 подойдет!

In the end:

This is a genuinely effective Lucky Jet strategy that will eventually lead to a good win. Using the "Downward Staircase," you can play without significant risks.

Lucky Jet Secrets

To receive winnings from the guy with the jetpack, you need to be aware of some peculiarities of this game.

The Lucky Jet algorithm is based on Provably Fair technology, which guarantees that the bookmaker conducts a fair game. Therefore, the results cannot be predicted in advance.

All players can operate with a reliable Lucky Jet strategy and a bit of luck in their pocket to increase their chances of winning.

Here are a few basic rules for online bookmaker players:

  1. Your bankroll should be an amount that can cover 100-200 rounds.
  2. Even experienced gamers don't always play with large bets. Start with small bets, around 0.5-1% of your bankroll.
  3. It is difficult to determine a foolproof Lucky Jet strategy. It is individual. Do not rush to abandon your chosen strategy after a few losses—most gaming tactics perform well over the long term. Chaotic actions will drain your bankroll.

Lucky Jet was created as entertainment for online casino visitors. The excitement and anticipation of winning money are pleasant additions to the gameplay.

But don't succumb to the temptation to make all the money in the world! If you feel unlucky, it's time to stop and try again another time.

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