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Lucky Jet is a young crash game that has become a real hit at the 1WIN casino. In essence, it resembles the familiar arcade game Aviator. However, it features a new interface and slightly modified rules that are more user-friendly. Lucky Jet has already gained a large following, loved for its simplicity, the thrill of excitement, and the opportunity to win big—players can earn up to 2000$ in a single game!

What is Lucky Jet?

This arcade game was created for the bookmaker 1WIN. The main character here is a guy named Joe. Once a round starts, he takes off into the sky with the help of his jetpack. Players place bets on the distance he will reach, aiming to collect winnings with high multipliers. While Joe ascends higher, the multiplier increases. But one must not miss the moment, as Joe will fly off the screen, leaving the player with nothing.

Лаки Джет играть

Lucky Jet game rules

Even beginners understand how to play Lucky Jet. This game does not require players to keep track of multiple numbers or perform complex calculations. The mechanics are simple: place bets and try to stop the round at the right moment to claim your winnings. If Joe doesn't fly off, your bet is successful, and you're in the plus.

The game allows for making two bets within a single round. To simplify the gameplay, there are features like auto-betting and auto-cashout. The auto-bet feature allows you to play without manual intervention. By using the auto-cashout feature, you can withdraw your earned money to your gaming account once the desired multiplier is reached.

How to play

Before starting a game round, you need to determine your bet. There is a general recommendation for all online casino games: it is advised not to bet more than 0.5-1% of your bankroll. In Lucky Jet, the minimum bet is just 10 cents. You can start with small amounts if you are concerned about potential losses.

Here's how the gameplay looks:

  • The player places a bet.
  • Joe takes off on his jet and starts flying.
  • The multiplier increases concurrently.
  • When it reaches the desired level, you press "stop."
  • If the astronaut doesn't fly off the screen, congratulations!

Your bet wins, and you're in profit.

Advantages of playing the online game Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet

Playing Lucky Jet makes sense because it is a stable project with great prospects. Users appreciate it for numerous advantages over similar games.

Demo mode

Before playing with real money, you can try the demo version. The trial mode is a good opportunity for beginners to test their skills. Once you become more familiar with the rules, you can play for real.

High multipliers

The game developers have been particularly generous to players. Unlike other crush-style games where the multiplier reaches only up to x100, Lucky Jet offers multipliers of up to x200. Just imagine how much you can earn with a single bet!

Pleasant design

The game has a visually pleasing interface. The character, Joe, takes off using a jetpack. This sets Lucky Jet apart from the game Aviator, where the protagonist flew on an airplane. During the round, the astronaut's flight path is displayed on the screen.

Win probability in Lucky Jet 1WIN

The game mechanics of Lucky Jet have been tested for fairness and are securely protected against hacking. The arcade is based on Provably Fair technology, which generates the multipliers. The virtual club itself cannot influence the round's outcomes.

Therefore, you can have no doubts about the safety of Lucky Jet. As statistics shows, people enjoy this game by making small bets with minimal risk.

Beginners often wonder if it is possible to win in Lucky Jet. Absolutely, yes. According to tests conducted, the return rate of Lucky Jet is 97%, compared to 95% in other slots. This means you have every chance of getting a win.

It's all straightforward—be attentive and don't bet too much. Manage your bankroll wisely and choose a suitable gameplay strategy.

A common mistake many users make is waiting for high multipliers for too long. Low multipliers occur more frequently in this game than high ones. Waiting for big multipliers carries the risk of losing all your money.

And, of course, as with other casino games, a little luck never hurts! Start playing Lucky Jet 1WIN only if you are confident in your abilities and have a sum that you can afford to lose.

Where to play Lucky Jet

This is a unique product of 1WIN casino. Accordingly, you can play online at Lucky Jet on the club's website or on one of its many mirrors. New users have to register, create a personal account with the bookmaker, and replenish the account.

For convenience, you can download the official online casino application. It is available in both PC and mobile versions for Android and iOS devices. The download link is available on the bookmaker's website.

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